Juicy thoughts on branding



Brand consistency is the Zest-factor

Here at our Vancouver branding agency we lead ambitious companies to become brave and captivating brands. Regardless of what we’re working on for you, our approach has a potent focus on consistent brand experience—That’s how you build an authentic brand that people desire. The zest-factor When you're getting...


Branding vs. Marketing

You're not selling features and benefits. These days it's critical to dive deep into meaning and belonging. Alter the thinking of tangibles to the intangibles people desire. Often people think of attracting customers by finding a large group of possible targets, make shiny things to attract...


Be a resource, not a sales pitch

If you try to sell, you're doomed. You must alter your thinking from transactions to relationships. Aim for not just sales, but for a much deeper connection with your customers....


Simplify to Amplify

Before trying to manage communications your brand must be stripped down to its simplest form: one big idea that everything else builds on. If it can’t be said simply, how can you expect customers to quickly connect with the heart and value of your brand? Simplify to...